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Annual Reports

Each year the Alaska Railroad Corporation provides an Annual Report for our Stakeholders. We have captured the past few years in an electronic format for easy downloading.

 2014 Annual Report (Narrative & Financials)
2014 revenues were $167.3 million (including operating and real estate revenue of $125.1 million; and grant revenue of $42.2 million).  Corporate net income was $14.1 million -- $200,000 less than 2013, which was a remarkable outcome given the year's dramatic declines in revenue from two major freight business lines.  

 2013 Annual Report (Narrative & Financials)
2013 revenues were $188.7 million (including operating and real estate revenue of $148.6 million; and grant revenue of $40.1 million) and corporate net income was $14.3 million. Total assets topped $1 billion for the first time. 

 2012 Annual Report (Narrative & Financials)
2012 revenues were $189.7 million (including operating and real estate revenue of $145.4 million; and grant revenue of $44.3 million) and corporate net income was $12.5 million.

2011 Annual Report (Narrative & Financials)
2011 revenues were $185.7 million and corporate net income was $13.4 million.

 2010 Annual Report Narrative
2010 revenues were $167.1 million, total expenses were $153.7 million and corporate net income was $13.4 million. 

 2010 Annual Report Financials

 2009 Annual Report Narrative
"Despite the economic challenges of 2009, the Alaska Railroad Corporation has remained financially solid. We are poised to weather any further economic downturn or to take advantage of any major Alaska projects in the future. 2009 revenues were $169.4 million, total expenses were $155.5 million and corporate net income was $13.9 million. Total assets grew from $854 million to $861 million. Cash flow remained solid all year long."

 2009 Annual Report Financials

 2008 Annual Report Narrative
"The Alaska Railroad is on solid financial ground and continuing effective efforts to position itself to respond to uncertain economic challenges. While 2007 brought record net earnings and excellent increases in our real estate and passenger services business, it also heralded the start of a gradual erosion in key revenue sources. The Board of Directors, sensing the approaching economic uncertainty in our largest customers, charged management to start tightening its corporate belt, specifically in all areas of controllable and avoidable costs."

 2008 Annual Report Financials 

2007 Annual Report Narrative
"During 2007, while we were busy taking stock of the company and assessing the economic future, we were equally busy running a bustling railroad. Total assets increased by 17 percent, and we set new revenue records in real estate and passenger movements, while nearly matching our best ever overall corporate business performance."

2007 Annual Report Financials

2006 Annual Report Narrative
"Early indications were that 2006 would be a somewhat flat, yet solid year. Those indications missed the mark and I am pleased to report that 2006 far exceeded our expectations and capped off a well-executed five year plan. The Alaska Railroad engineered positive returns in 2006 in several notable sectors of its business. Our passenger service generated record level revenue, our net income significantly outperformed budget expectations and we achieved aggressive safety objectives and our safest year ever following four record setting years."

 2006 Annual Report Financials 

2005 Annual Report Narrative
"Accomplishments in 2005 tell a bold story. We completed the new Anchorage Operations Center-the nerve center for the Railroad bringing our operating employees together in a state-of-the-art workplace and command center. The introduction of two new double-decker dome cars and the Fairbanks Intermodal Depot brought first class service to our passengers that contributed to a 15% passenger revenue growth in 2005."

2005 Annual Report Financials

2004 Annual Report Narrative Section
"The Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) turned in an exceptional performance for a second year running, topping 2003 record-level earnings, growing our passenger business beyond expectations and maintaining hard-fought safety results. Critical to our success has been the support of Alaska's Congressional Delegation and Governor Frank Murkowski: their vision for developing the State's resources and transportation system provides a compass for the Railroad's strategic plans. Thanks to them and the hard work of the Alaska Legislature..."

2004 Annual Report Financial Section

2003 Annual Report
"The 2003 report notes exceptional improvements in all areas of ARRC's business. 2003 is a watershed year. In all of the categories we measure, 2003 was the best year ever for the Alaska Railroad. In safety, in customer service and in the bottom line, 2003 exceeded all others."

2002 Annual Report
"The railroad's customer service success - demonstrated by award-winning passenger services, on-time freight performance, and increased real estate revenue - goes beyond railroad operations. Expanded efforts to work with communities and local planning organizations have not only helped improve coordination, but also strengthened the railroad's relationships with those it serves."

2001 Annual Report
"...2001 was a banner year. Our vision for modernized infrastructure, made possible though support from our Congressional Delegation, materialized this year with many capital projects going from the drawing board to breaking ground. We emphasized relationships in 2001 and formed key partnerships with a number of community organizations and planning committees. And most important, we made substantial gains in safety, contributing to one of the country's lowest train accident rates..."

2000 Annual Report
"...Last year was among our finest ever. We instituted a host of programs to improve our operational safety, implement capital improvements and bring the Railroad back into the black. We made more than $94 million in revenues, brought our total assets up to $251 million, and were able to put $16.7 million to the bottom line..."

1999 Annual Report

1998 Annual Report

1997 Annual Report

1996 Annual Report